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Dec 09

What Does All The Interest Rate Cuts Mean?

By Shane | Interest Rates

The Interest Rate Cuts from the Reserve Bank of Australia have different effects on society. The four major banks have managed to answer these changes implemented basic standard variable mortgage rates one after another.

Many, but not all, would benefit from this interest rate cut changes. There still some that would not be benefited or feel that these changes would be a disadvantage on their part. The interest rate cut is a very important move because as we know, there are so many borrowers in Australia and most of them are having difficulty when they are already dealing with the housing repayments. The level of indebtedness in Australia is also increasing and it also means that the interest rate cut has a stronger impact than it used to be in previous years.

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Aug 07

RBA Have Made Their August Cash Rate Announcement

By Shane | News

The RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) has announced their August cash rate. The central bank has kept its Cash Rate on hold its record low of 1.0% as they wait for the effect of the rate cuts from the previous months (June and July) on the economy that with two 25 basis point cuts totaled to 50 basis points.

The basis point cuts came after almost 3 years without any changes, and it was linked to the weakening of the labor market and for the low inflation rate. Whereas the cash rate hold today was already expected because economists have been predicting to have up to two more cuts before this year ends.

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