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Nov 15

The Role Of The Australian Securities And Investment Commission (ASIC)

By Shane | Legal

Running a business is not that simple. There are important things that should be taken into consideration. In Australia, the government has established a government body to make sure businesses are well regulated. There are regulatory authorities for business as well as for the exchange market. They demand strict compliance with the different regulations that require each business must cooperate.

Recent news from The Adviser, ASIC had shed light on the upcoming RG 209 guidance. This aims to determine the changes and additions to the guidance that can be of help to the holders of an Australian credit license in order to understand ASIC’s expectations for complying with the responsible lending obligations.

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Mar 19

What Happens On Settlement Day

By Shane | Legal

When buying a new property, settlement day is the day you look forward to the most. It’s the day you pick up the keys to your new home and start a new chapter of your life – creating new memories with loved ones while also enjoying your dream home. However, settlement day doesn’t just involve picking up the keys to your new property. There are several processes that your settlement agent need to finalise on your settlement day before you can pick up your keys.Continue reading

Mar 07

The Hidden Costs Of Home Ownership: Legal Fees

By Shane | Legal

Buying a new home can be even more costly than you expect. There are lots of things you need to watch out and budget for.

Paying for your new home is the overwhelming cost, but there are many other areas of concern that you will need to budget for, including legal fees. You have to prepare for it, so that you can avoid experiencing difficulties in the first few years of owning your home.Continue reading

Oct 25

Why You Need a Conveyancer

By Shane | Legal

Before you go into the points as to why you need a conveyancer, you should clearly identify first what conveyancing is. Legally speaking, conveyancing is a process of transferring the ownership of a legal land title from one person or entity to another. It typically consists of three transaction phases including before agreement, and before and after accomplishment.Continue reading