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May 11

How Do You Refinance Your Home Loan

By Shane | Uncategorized

Refinancing your home loan can help you achieve important goals. It can be a great way to access home equity to invest in other areas such as investment property, shares, or managed funds. Refinancing can offer you the chance to take advantage of more flexible features if your circumstances have changed, or if you’ve had your home loan for a few years.Continue reading

May 09

3 Common Myths About Refinancing That You Need To Be Aware Of

By Shane | Uncategorized

Do you think that refinancing is too hard? Have you checked your mortgage recently? Whether you’re looking to lower your monthly repayments, restructure your loan or access more flexible options, refinancing may be a viable option.

With the general perception being that it’s complicated, expensive, and best left in the too-hard basket, there are many myths surrounding refinancing and here are three common myths about refinancing that you need to be aware of.Continue reading

May 08

What Is A Cash Flow Positive Property

By Shane | Invest

Have you heard the term “cash flow positive” and weren’t exactly sure what it means? In a nutshell, cash flow positive property is whereby the rental income exceeds the expenses of the property. Let’s say for example that you’re making a thousand dollars a month and your bills were roughly seven hundred dollars, then that means that you would be getting around about three hundred dollars’ cash flow positive from your property every month.  Continue reading

May 05

Confused About Pre-Approvals? Follow These Three Steps

By Shane | Uncategorized

So, you’re buying your dream home. First and foremost, that’s a great decision. It’s a smart investment; it’s a long term investment; and at the end of the day, for most people owning is better than renting. So, you’ve made a decision and it now comes down to the pre-approval process.

Pre-approval is a very important and critical step. It’s important to do that and make that the first step, prior to looking at any homes. Pre-approval is a critical step because what pre-approval allows you to do is to determine if you’re able to buy. It’s essentially important to get pre-approved before you begin looking for your dream home. Confused about pre-approvals? There are a few things to understand and get in order. You may follow these three steps to ensure that you get the home loan that’s right for you.Continue reading