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Mar 20

Why You Need A Building And Pest Inspection

By Shane | Uncategorized

Building and pest inspections are for the purchaser to identify any potential issues including building design faults, potential safety issues including cracking or structural defects. It also includes timber pest activity. Timber pest activity is essential. It includes moisture, mould, termite, decay, and borer. These issues can unfortunately have an effect on the value of the property you’re purchasing.

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Mar 19

What Happens On Settlement Day

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When buying a new property, settlement day is the day you look forward to the most. It’s the day you pick up the keys to your new home and start a new chapter of your life – creating new memories with loved ones while also enjoying your dream home. However, settlement day doesn’t just involve picking up the keys to your new property. There are several processes that your settlement agent need to finalise on your settlement day before you can pick up your keys.Continue reading

Mar 18

Is 2017 The Year Of The Rentvestor?

By Shane | Invest

Many households have opted to rent over buying a property in the last two years and that is primarily due to affordability, investor demand, and new supply. Over the past twelve to eighteen months, housing affordability has deteriorated, making it far more expensive to buy right now. Thus, it makes renting much more attractive. Continue reading

Mar 17

Why Your First Home Often Isn’t Your Forever Home

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When you fall in love with a home, you may envision yourself living there forever. First time buyers are particularly vulnerable to this phenomenon. Lives change, however, and believe it or not, take a minute to think about who you were or where you were just 5 to 10 years ago. You may have switched jobs or even professions. Your family may have grown and your neighbourhood may no longer remind you of the place you moved into a decade ago.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t think about the future when you consider buying your first home. It’s just a suggestion to approach the process knowing that it can be your starter home and it’s one step closer to buying your forever home.

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The benefits of purchasing off the plan property
Mar 16

The Perks Of Off-The-Plan Purchases

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Buying a property that doesn’t exist can be quite scary for some. But, what if it could mean owning the property you’ve been dreaming about? Well, buying a property you haven’t seen yet may sound kind of crazy, especially after hearing concerns about seeing first what you’re actually buying before putting in hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, have you asked yourself if your concerns are justified?Continue reading

Mar 13

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Changes To NSW Strata Laws

By Shane | News

There are more than 90 changes to the strata laws that came into force in NSW on November 30 2016. Forced sales is the big ticket item in the strata law changes. Below are some key changes that will affect you in ways you might actually notice.

The government prefers to call it- collective sales. But it basically means that 75% of owners can compel the other 25 to do something radical with a building that may or may not be well past its use-by date.Continue reading

Mar 12

The First Home Owner’s Grant Guide: Tasmania

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The First Home Owner Grant is a state government initiative that helps first home buyers to get into their first home sooner. The state government pays an amount of money to eligible first homeowners. The First Home Owner Grant in Tasmania is currently $10,000 for eligible first home buyers purchasing their new home.

An additional $10,000 to those who meet some stricter criteria between January 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017, which is a total of $20,000 Tasmania First Home Owner Grant payment. As an important tip, grants and concessions have a tendency to change at a short notice. Therefore, please make sure that you double check with your state government of what is available in your area before purchasing your first home.Continue reading

Mar 10

What You Need To Know About The Bankwest & CBA Investment Lending Changes

By Shane | News

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia, along with it’s subsidiary Bankwest, has slammed the brakes on property investment lending for new customers. With the increasing charges by up to 60 basis points and constricting terms and conditions for expatriate and overseas’ customers, it has become tougher for existing customers with investment loans.

The changes in the terms and conditions has failed to wholly explain to its customers or mortgage brokers, that act as intermediaries between the bank and clients, the reason for the move. But it is suspected the bank has exceeded or is close to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority 10% lending speed limit, which is calculated on a monthly rolling basis.Continue reading

Mar 09

The First Home Owner Grant Guide: Northern Territory

By Shane | Uncategorized

The Northern State Government initiated to help first home owners get into their first new home sooner through the Northern Territory First Home Owner Grant. It’s a grant paid by the Northern Government to eligible first home owners.

The First Home Owner Grant NT provides assistance of $26,000 to eligible first home buyers. It’s only available to first home buyers who enter into a contract to build or buy a new home. You may also double check with your state government the available grants and concessions in your area before buying your first home, as they tend to change at short notice.Continue reading